What You Are Purchasing

Our construction drawings are detailed, clear and concise. All drawings are designed and prepared by chartered architects who are also licensed builders, and each building is designed to meet the nationally recognised building code at the time it was drawn.

Although drawings will vary depending on the size and complexity of your barn, each set may include the fallowing elements:

Detailed Floor Plans show the placement of all walls, doors and windows, posts and staircases. Dimensions are shown which locate these items. Fitments and fixtures such as basins and toilets are shown diagrammatically.

Exterior Elevations show the north, south, east and west elevations of the barn including materials, door and window sizes and floor lines. You will need to confirm on the drawing the correct aspect of each elevation when siting is determined. Also proposed and existing ground lines.

Cross and Longitudinal Sections show details of the barn as though it were cut in slices from top to bottom. The position of these slices in indicated by lines and arrows on the floor plans. The sections show the barn’s general construction, floor to floor heights, roof pitches and dormer location.

Construction Details show at a larger scale the location of structural elements, cladding, insulation and finishing materials.

Schematic Electrical Layout shows the suggested location for switches, fixtures and outlets.

General Specification provides general instructions and information regarding construction procedures with quality controls described for materials and workmanship. The specification is divided into several sections: general notes, site work, drainer, concretor, carpenter and joiner, roofer, brick/block/stone-layer, plumber, electrician, plasterer, painter.

Construction video of a ‘Fiddletown’ barn has been prepared showing construction of the structural frame (with temporary bracing), lean-to erection, upper floor cladding, roof and gutter fixing. The principles of construction shown on the film can be applied to all other barns.

Important extras and helpful building aids (sold separately – please see order form)

Every set of drawings that you order will contain the details that your builder will need. However, additional guides and information are available as follows:

Mirror reverse plans are useful if you want to build your barn in the reverse of the plan that is shown. Reverse plans are available for an additional charge.

Engineering drawings for concrete floor slab and footings can be supplied as part of the package or you may get a local structural engineer to do this for you. All Councils will require these drawings as part of a Building Application.

Licence Agreement – when you purchase your working drawings from Arcadian Barns, we, as Licensor, grant you, as Licensee, the right to use these documents to construct a single unit. All of the documents are protected by Australian copyright laws. Arcadian Barns retains title and ownership of the original working drawings. The working drawings licensed to you cannot be used by or resold to any other person. Also these working drawings cannot be copied or reproduced by any means.

Note: Due to regional variations, local availability of materials, local codes and methods of installation and individual preferences it is impossible to include much detail on plumbing, heating and electrical work on your plans. These details and specifications are easily obtained from your builder, contractor and/or local supplier.