Modular Construction


Each barn is constructed on a modular system of bays 6 x 3 metres. The number of bays determines the total floor area of the building.

(insert image 3bay/4bay)

A 3 bay barn measures approx. 8m x 6m and a 4 bay barn approx. 12m x 6m. The finished overall size is slightly larger due to the special detail set out of the end bays.

Any barn illustrated can be expanded by the incorporation of additional central 6m. x 3m. bays. Other than the simplest barns illustrated, most require a detailed re-plan, which can be carried out for a negotiated fee.


All barns have traditional sloped ceilings with exposed framing. With both the Fiddletown and Pitt Town profiles, dormer windows can be incorporated into the roof, placed centrally within the selected bay. The dormer shapes available are those illustrated.

(Fiddletown dormer type no. 1 FTDOR1)
(Fiddletown dormer type no. 2 FTDOR2)

(Pitt Town dormer type no. 1 PTDOR1)
(Pitt Town dormer type no. 2 PTDOR2)
(Pitt Town dormer type no. 3 PTDOR3)


The unique ceiling system has three major advantages as well as its aesthetically pleasing appearance; speed of erection, simplicity of detail and safety during roof sheeting. The previously painted ceiling panels are put in place from above the roof framing, onto prefixed supports. It is then strong enough to walk on for laying the insulation and roof sheeting directly on top.