Fiddletown Series

The ‘Fiddletown’ was developed to increase the internal floor space of the ‘Arcadia‘ by incorporating a full height loft.

The traditional steeply pitched 45 degree roof of the ‘Fiddletown’ allows a comfortable, spacious loft. The raked ceiling of the loft area comes down to within 900mm of the floor, and access can be via an internal or external staircase or ladder. The 3 metre structural bays allow for division of the loft into generous rooms, with the opportunity of a dramatic gallery style stairwell in many versions.

A selection of traditional dormer window shapes is available to give variety and interest to the roof scape as well as increasing the natural lighting to the loft. Should you wish to change the dormers illustrated to another design or add further dormers, complete the option section shown on the order form.

With our uniquely designed ceiling lining system and a choice of wall finishes, the ‘Fiddletown’ makes an ideal rural retreat, country home or even a poolside games room. A 4.5 metre lean-to can be incorporated on one side or both, likewise a 1.8 metre wide verandah.

Fiddletown Series

The Fiddletown
The Studio Barn
The Gallery Barn
The Bloodwood
The Leura
The Wilberforce
The Poolside