The Arcadian Barns


Our barns have been built since 1984, and the designs illustrated on this website are based on our most popular barns.

The construction system is timber post and beam on a reinforced concrete slab. Post and beam framing means easy and speedy erection, with the possibility of future fit-out by the home handyman using conventional tools.

The featured plans are based upon 3 standard types of barn. The ‘Arcadia’ (with ARC prefix) is a single storey barn that was originally developed to provide a more sympathetic alternative to the steel shed in a rural setting. The ‘Fiddletown’ (with FT prefix), was developed to increase the internal floor space by incorporating a full height loft. The ‘Pitt Town’ (with PT prefix) has been designed as a full two storey building. The illustrations show the versatility of the basic plans by providing examples of different sized barns put to a variety of uses.

When you have selected your barn you can choose the external finish which best suits your particular requirements.

Information regarding the price of purchasing drawings and specifications can be found here. A video of a Fiddletown barn erection, with lined and insulated roof, is provided on placement of your order for drawings. The construction principles shown in the video apply to all barns.