Placing Your Order


Our sales volume and the simplicity of design of every barn allows us to offer quality working drawings at a fraction of the cost it takes to have each individual barn designed and drawn up. The cost of building plans and specifications depend upon the type and finish of the barn and the number of sets of drawings that you order. Look at the drawing of the barn of your choice and you will see a Price Code letter. To determine the cost of the drawings, refer to the order form price list.

One set of drawings includes detailed floor plans, exterior elevations, cross and longitudinal sections, details and general specifications. The drawing sets do not include any sitework, site preparation or site layout diagrams although every plan does have a recommended optimum north indicated to suggest the most efficient and comfortable orientation of the barn.


The variety of designs available allows you to choose the barn that best suits your lifestyle, budget and building site.

Your barn can be customized easily through your choice of external finishes which ranges from colorbond corrugated steel to preserved radiata shadowclad ply, western red cedar boarding, brickwork, or colour bagged concrete block. Each barn design is offered in a specific finish with other finishes offered as options at an additional cost. Complete the boxed section on the order form if you wish to choose an option – including dormer window alternatives.

To achieve the best siting for access and views you may wish to mirror reverse the plan. Piease indicate in the space shown on the order form your requirement for this service.

Most plans are easily modified by qualified professionals. Minor changes and material substitutions can be made by any professional builder without the need for expensive plan revisions. However, if you are considering making major changes to your design, our architects are available to modify the drawings for an agreed fee.


Building costs can vary widely depending on local rates for labour and building materials. Obtain a quote for an average cost per square metre of construction from your local builder, and multiply this figure by the total living area of your barn to derive a rough estimate. More accurate estimates will require a professional review of the working drawings and specifications.


Your Local Council will have requirements for the design of concrete footings and slabs. Either footings and slabs should be to the specification of a practising Consulting Structural Engineer or in accordance with ‘Residential Slabs and Footings Code AS2870′. Should you require a set of Structural Engineer’s drawings to be included with your order you need to obtain a Certificate of Site Classification for the proposed building site from a local surveyor, structural engineer or your local council inspector.

In order to obtain your engineering details from us you need to include the site classification in the space provided on the order form.


Note that their are a wide range of external wall finishes for you to choose from. Depending on the chosen site for your barn, you may select an alternative finish to that shown in the standard design.


Six sets of working drawings will generally be necessary. You will need to keep one set for yourself, give one to the builder, one to the lending institution, and three sets go to the local council. More sets will be required if you are going to get more than one builder to give you a price.


All working drawings are designed to meet the requirements of the Building Code of Australia. Arcadian Barns authorizes the use of our drawings on the condition that you agree to comply strictly with all local building codes, ordinances, regulations and requirements including permits and inspections at the time of and during construction. Also every Shire and Municipality has its own code and zoning requirements. Modification may be necessary to comply with their specific requirements.